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Lampedusa, an island of people

As people hear Lampedusa, immediately they think about immigration but Lampedusa is a lot more than this, and the immigration is just a small situation, not really affecting the life of the island.
Lampedusa is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean see where people live. There live Paola, who moved from Sicily 10 years ago and now runs a b&b there, Calogero who works as a fisherman in the Atlantis II boat, people that go to work daily, that go to the market and people that drink coffee, old people that live and die, Alessio a jazz man, youngster who party and people spending sundays together. On the Island lives Pasquale who travelled the whole world as a fisherman and now is working on a project of a boat, lives Francesca, member of collective Askavusa and really active in the social field. And, in the end, there live also a lot of militaries, part of the mare nostrum military operation and working to secure the island in case of a new big immigration wave.

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