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Dopo di Noi - When We Are Gone

Based on the latest ISTAT data (2014) the percentage of disabled people in Italy is around 5%. The amount of money spent on social healthcare is one of the lowest in all of the EU (5,8% compared with the 7,7% average in the EU zone). Often behind a disabled person there is a family that daily takes care of majority of the relative’s needs. The same family also lives in a complete uncertainty about the future of their beloved.
The parents of a disabled person live in the terrible situation of not knowing what will happen to their son or daughter, once they will no longer be able to take care of him or her, not only physically but affectionately.
Affection is a crucial aspect of life for all human beings, even more so for disabled people, who might experience difficulties in just interacting with other people.
What will happen to my child when I’ll be gone? This is the yet unanswered question of tens of thousands of disabled people’s families in Italy.