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Patra, The Door of Europe

Greece is the European country with the lowest percentage of applications acceptance of residence permits or political asylum.
Immigrants of the region of Darfur, Sudan are living in an old train station in the warehouses and in the old train station of Patra currently in disuse and abandoned by OSE, in a totally unsanitary conditions.
Each day they try to board illegally to the port city to reach Italy as Greece does not recognise any of their rights and even the political asylum. Here they’re left to themselves in a country suffering from the global crisis. To try to reach Italy they hide below the rear wheels of the trucks, risking their lives.
Although there are many who are discovered at the harbour by the Greek port police, some manage to travel to Italy and many times, this is not the end of their trip.
If discovered in Italy at the arrival port immigrants are sent back to Greece in contrary to the international law, facing a totally lack in international cooperation regarding immigrants policies.
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