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The Long Border

Finland shares with Russia the second longest border among the countries of EU, some 1340 km. Finland became independent from Russia 100 years ago when, in 1917 took advantage of the so called "October’s Revolution” happening in Russia, and declared itself independent. The two countries clashed also during the Winter War when Finland lost part of its eastern border territory. Nowadays after the creation of the European Union and the Schengen area the Finnish border has become the last outpost of Europe before Russia. In the latest years, Russia is, apparently becoming more and more influent in the world trying to get back to its old role of one of the world leading nations. For this reason it has become more threatening for its neighbourhoods and for its old enemies. The border starts in the northern region of Lapland, where the average density of the population is way lower that one person per square kilometre, and it goes south until the Gulf of Finland passing through the easter most inland point of Europe. I decided to visit the border and spend some time with the people who keep it safe: the Finnish Border Guards also called Rajavartiolaitos.

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