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Cinema Marrocos

The population of Brazil, as recorded by the 2008 PNAD, is approximately 190 million and 83.75% of the population is defined as urban.
Brazil’s housing deficit is around 7 million units, referring to the number of shelters which do not have adequate conditions to be habitable, in addition to the number of housing units that need to be built to shelter all families who currently lack one. As a result, they share a shelter with another household in overcrowded conditions.
São Paulo is the biggest city of Brazil and South America with almost 20 million people living in the city.
Housing, in Brazil largest city São Paulo, is one of the biggest issues poor people have been facing in the last years.
Since 2008, real estate prices in São Paulo have shot up by nearly 200%.
Over the last five years, rising real estate speculation in central São Paulo has created a deficit of affordable housing. In response, left wing housing movements seize abandoned buildings, transforming them into housing units for poor and vulnerable families.
In some cases these buildings can host up to one thousand people. The size of the apartment is generally around 40sq meters, and the bathroom is normally shared within few families.

Cinema Marrocos stands in the paulista capital downtown.
When inaugurated, in 1951, it has been called "The best and most luxury cinema of South America".

In 2013 after many years in which the cinema remained closed, a social movement occupied the cinema and the 12 floor building above. Since October 2013 around 370 families live there, for a total amount of more than 1000 people.
This is their story.

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